Hypcom Oy offers a various selection of the hypobaric/altitude chambers. One of the options includes both: hypobaric and hyperbaric installation.

All of our systems are custom made, designed and produced in Finland. Production can be made according to the EU or US standards/norms.

OXYCOM hypobaric chambers consist from:

- Cylindrical, omega or rectangular pressure vessel

- Chamber control panel: manual and automatic

- Hypcom´s controlling, data logging and reporting software

- Breathing system

- Measurement equipment

- Medical equipment

- Communication equipment

- Vacuum pump

Internal arrangement can be flexible designed and adjusted to the needs.

Hypcom Oy guarantees the highest quality and safety of the products. We have delivered hypobaric chamber systems to the public (incl. military) and private customers.

Due to our experience we can also act as project consultants and provide all the necessary support related to the design/building arrangement.

Oxycom 3000